Good news for DC Metro riders, finally!

The DC Metro (WMATA) today unveiled a "hard mock-up" of the new 7000 series subway vehicles. Metro ordered over 400 of these new cars. Kawasaki will built them in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

7000 Series WMATA (DC Metro) Car

The new cars will have a completely new appearance. More comfortable seating is being installed and the floors will be non-slip hard surfaces, not carpeted as in the old cars. 

Interior of a 7000 Series Metro Car

The car bodies will now be made out of stainless steel, not aluminum. In an interesting change one driver's cab will be removed from one of the cars on a semi-permanently coupled pair. This will result in an A-B configuration, with only the A unit having a control cab at the front. 

The new cars also will have automatic visual and audible station announcements. Metro is touting this as an immense leap forward, but of course this has been around other subway/underground systems for years. 

Visual Station Announcement on a 7000 Series Metro Car

Hopefully these units will be more reliable than some of the current rolling stock.


All photos from Wikimedia Commons