More problems on the railroad.

It just never stops! A few blog entries ago I related on how much work it can be to keep my garden railroad up and running. No sooner had I managed to get the trains running again a new calamity has befallen my garden railroad on Saturday.

During Saturday night a massive rain storm came through the DC area, dumping about 2 inches of rain according to the weather folks. The soil had already been saturated from previous ample rain falls. This all brought some rather unfortunate results to my railroad. The retaining wall of the elevated part of my railway just collapsed.

Collapsed retaining wall (Photo by Ralf Meier)

It appears that a large amount of rain water had collected in between the retaining walls and with nowhere to go, it pushed out the bricks. Really not very surprising. The whole construct sort of acted like a dam when heavy rain occured. I did build this myself and of course never gave a thought to the concept of having some sort of drainage built into it. This time the "experts" were called in. Proper drainige pipes were laid and the retaining walls were built up again, but this time cemented correctly. 

Restored elevated part of the railway. (Photo by Ralf Meier) 

All I need to do now is put the track back and we should be back in business. Lesson learned: do it right the first time around and let somebody do it who knows what they are doing!