The annual Sunday after Thanksgiving Train Spotting Event

Today a few brave souls from our "Hotbox" group made the trek up to the Bowie Railroad Museum from where one has a great view of the comings and goings on AMTRAK's Northeast Corridor. It was a bit cold and windy, but no matter: here we were. The Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday has always been the busiest travel day in the US. It was no different this year with AMTRAK expecting a record number of passengers. During that Sunday AMTRAK tends to lay on extra trains to cope with the crowds, but is forced to rent the equipment from other railroad companies since they are short on rolling stock themselves. Thus it is not uncommon to see MARC commuter trains and New Jersey EMU commuter sets zooming down the Northeast Corridor. 

After a while at Bowie watching trains, some of us decided to go down the road to the Seabrook, Maryland Commuter station. There it is possible to get a bit more "close and personal" with the trains since one can go right onto the platform. 

Here is a short video: .