What this town needs is a good paper map...(Apologies for the paraphrasing)

This is only very remotely related to trains, but I just could not resist. Here is a photo from one of the London Underground stations, obviously somewhat tongue in cheek offering paper area maps for folks who are unfortunately stuck with and relying upon the dreadful map application in iOS 6. 

Perhaps the DC Metro system ought to consider this as well, since the application is total garbage and completely unreliable. At least here in DC the application places a lot of the metro stops in the wrong place, sometimes blocks away. The major bus interchange on Fort Drive is completely missing: it's only been there for 20 years. A drive from my house to Montgomery Mall (a major shopping venue) also ended up quite unsatisfactory: the poor voice just kept having me go in circles. 

I am glad the guy responsible at Apple got fired and I am glad that Google maps is back. Better yet: I think I'll stop by at AAA and pick up a set of paper maps. 

A historical note. The original phrase was: "What America needs is a good five cent cigar"! It was a sarcastic comment made by Thomas Riley Marshall, Vice President to Woodrow Wilson, during a rather contentious US Senate debate.