Relief in sight for NYC subway riders

Bombardier Transportation has just announced that the company signed a contract with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to deliver 300 subway cars to New York City Transit. Interestingly this announcement came out of Berlin, Germany even though the vehicles will be built at Bombardiers facility in Plattsburgh, New York. The whole contract comes to roughly US $600 million. 

The new vehicles will be classified R 179 and will have Bombardier's much vaunted MITRAC propulsion and train control system. The trains will have A/C. Delivery is said to begin in mid 2015. 

This of course is all goods news for New York City commuters who have had to endure sardine style transportation far too often. The NYC subway system is one of the largest in the world: 600 miles of track and a daily ridership of about 5 million people. 

Photo by Bombardier Transportation