New stock on garden railway

Last week was Fry-day: The day I managed to connect my garden railway track to 120 volt house current. To my horror I had forgotten that two of my Aristo Craft RDC units were parked on the track. The ensuing fireworks were totally spectacular. After the sparks, smoke and the smell of burnt electronics had dissipated the result was two dead RDCs. 

It was a mixed blessing since it gave me yet another opportunity to visit my usual train store in Annapolis, Star Hobby. I came away with a new Aristo RDC-3 and a cute little rail bus, just perfect for my scenic line.

These new Aristo RDC-3 units run very nicely but could benefit from a bit of kit bashing. For example, the headlights are much too dim and the interior lights are much too bright. Kadee couplers would also make this piece appear much better.

Here is a short video of the inaugural run: