Ray Bradburry, 1920 - 2012

It is quite obvious that I have a passion for trains and anything railroad related. Not so obvious is my other passion for serious science fiction. Thus this somewhat unusual post. 

Sadly Ray Bradburry died. A prolific author of science fiction stories, a visionary and vocal commentator on social issues. "Fahrenheit 451" probably being his best known work. 

Not unlike Arthur C. Clark he envisioned a future dominated by technology. In his books Bradburry's vision of technology was often benign, but generally it tended to be more often in conflict with humanity. He foresaw ATMs, automated vehicles and, last but not least, electronic book readers. Ironically it was the book readers he absolutely detested. None of his prolific output was allowed to be elctronically published until very recently. Electronic book readers smell like "burned fuel" he stated!

Ray Bradburry will be missed.