Germany to New Jersey, USA by rail?

Well, not really. But it seemed like an appropriately eyecatching headline for today. New Jersey Transit took delivery of the final batch of locomotives ordered from Bombardier. They are ALP-45DPs (technical information here) based on the very successful "TRAXX" electric locomotive series. The "TRAXX"  were developed by Bombardier for the Deutsche Bahn AG as an electric Bo-Bo locomotive and are classified as Class 185. They are equally suited to commuter runs, as well as medium heavy long distance passenger trains and light freight service. As is customery on most of the European railroads the DB AG locomotives have cabs at both ends, whereas the New Jersey Transit units only have one cab. This makes sense since they are to be semi-permanently coupled to coaches to form push-pull services with a cab car at the non-locomotive end of the train. There are other significant modifications to the NJT locos, the most obvious being the US style center knuckle couplers. Not quite so obvious is the dual power cabability of the locomotives. They are able to run under catenary and also have a diesel engine on board for service on non-electrified portions of the line. 

If the 185 series locomotives owned by Deutsche Bahn are any indication, New Jersey Transit should be very pleased with their purchase. They have been exceptionally reliable.

A somewhat dirty Deutsche Bahn Series 185 Electric Locomotive

Bomardier ALP-45DP Locomotive

NJT ALP-45DP Locomotives