AMTRAK, High Speed and a $151 Billion Price Tag

In view of my post yesterday regarding the upgrading of the UK network and it's 9 billion pound cost, this post on the blog "Pedestrian Observations" makes for interesting reading. It is about a proposal by AMTRAK to finally bring real high speed rail service to the US. Here is the entry

Just a couple of thoughts:

There is no mention of track upgrades. I don't mean straightening out some bothersome curves, but just getting the track to decent high speed rail standards. Right now, at 115 mph, the ride on AMTRAK is so bad that it is hardly possible to work on ones laptop. I can not even image what it would be like to go 150 or more mph on this bad track. 

And please, no Alstom "Pendolinos". There are much more comfortable and better train sets available.

AMTRAK HHP-8 Electric Locomotive


Artist view of the new AMTRAK electric engines from Siemens