Bonjour, DC! Votre billet s'il vous plaît!

The Washington, District of Columbia Department of Transportation has just choosen the US subsidiary of RATP to operate the up and coming new street car system. What a relief that Metro (WMATA) did not get the nod!

RATP is primarily known as the operator of the Paris, France conurban transportation network, including but not limited to Metro, bus and street car lines. What is not so well known is the fact that RATP has quietly managed to show a significant presence in the public transportation systems of over twelve countries. Among them the UK and South Africa. RATP owns the London United bus franchise and operates the Gautrain system in Johannesburg.  

The Washington, DC street car system currently being constructed will eventually consist of 8 lines with about 31 miles (49.8 km) of track. This whole enterprise is of course not without considerable controversy. After all this is Washington!

More details about the newly emerging DC street car system will be in a follow up blog entry.

London United bus 

Gautrain; Johannesburg, SA


Washington, DC Skoda Tram