AMTRAK goes German

There is a new drawing floating around the Internet, purportedly showing the livery and design of the future AMTRAK NorthEast Corridor electric locomotives.

AMTRAK has ordered seventy of the units, with the first one to be delivered in early 2013. They are based on the "Vectron" locomotive platform developed by Siemens Transportation of Germany. A portion of the locomotive system will be manufactured in Germany, but the bulk of the units will be made in the Siemens US facility, thus meeting the "Made in the USA" requirement. Besides the obvious differences to the German locomotive counterpart, like the knuckle couplers, they will have improved crash worthiness and are three voltage system capable.
These new ACS-64 locomotives are to replace the very old AEM-7s (Swedish Meatballs) and the rather new, but very unreliable HHP-8s. Total cost of the order is said to be about $466 million.

Location:Washington, DC