Train Wreck

There is something morbidly fascinating about train wrecks. Just yesterday there was an unfortunate train accident in the eastern part of Germany. Two private railroad company trains collided. Apparently one of the trains was waiting for a red signal to change. It was waiting for an oncoming train to clear the track ahead. An initial investigation seems to show that the tail end of the waiting train did not quite clear the switch guiding it onto the "waiting" track. The oncoming train hit the tail end of the waiting train. The oncoming train's locomotive and several of the waiting freight train's waggons tipped over.

The most unfortunate thing however is the fact that the units tipped over just at the location of the interlocking building. The smallish building was totally distroyed, burying the signal man working within. His body was finally found by search and rescue dogs brought in. He was an employee of Deutsche Bahn, who owns and maintains the rail network in Germany. 

Here are some pictures. All by the Berliner Morgenpost.