Welcome to the 21st century AMTRAK! Finally!

AMTRAK announced today that it will finally roll out it's "eTicket" system throughout the nation on all of it's trains. This will allow customers to print their tickets at home or, alternatively, download a ticket to their smartphone. There the ticket will show up as a 3D bar code, which is read by a hand held device on the train. No more lost tickets.

I bet all the muckety-mucks at AMTRAK headquarters at Union Station here in DC are just so proud of themselves! But wait! Haven't I seen this before? Of course I have. Deutsche Bahn (DB AG) has been doing just this on their 25000 daily trains for years. Even US airlines have allowed their customers to print their own boarding passes for some years now. What will the ever forward looking bunch at AMTRAK think of next?

Deutsche Bahn Smart Phone Ticket

Deutsche Bahn On Line Ticket printed out