Poor little engine that couldn't...

The string of difficulties at the Berliner S-Bahn system just will not stop. Today a train on the S 25 line derailed in Tegel. Fortunately minor injuries were all that was reported. 


No word yet on what might have caused this mishap. The Berlin S-Bahn is owned by Deutsche Bahn AG and for the last few years has been plagued by various, at times quite serious problems. The Berlin government has already threatened to pull the plug on the contract with DB AG, the service provider. This whole mess is actually a great text book case in the "what not to do to save money" economics category. According to a widely circulated investigative report from last year, the then DB AG management attempted to squeeze out all "inefficiencies" and "waste" to get the company ready for an IPO. The results were predictably: Major disasters with the old ICE 1 units, ICE 3's that did not want to move, the class 442 debacle, etc. Particularly hard hit was the Berlin S-Bahn. At one point it got to be so bad that the Eisenbahnbundesamt (sort of like the US Federal Railroad Administration, but with real enforcement powers) pulled a bunch of the S-Bahn trains out of service, because they deemed them unsafe. 

By the way the IPO was canceled. Non-railroaders running a railroad! it never works!


All photos in this blog entry by "Berliner Morgenpost"