Ciao, Italia! Bel treno cercando!

Bombardier Transportation just unveiled their new VHS (very high speed) train for the Italian state railroad (FS). In line with FS tradition these units will be called "Frecciarossa 1000".

FS ordered 50 of the train sets for their high speed system. Design speed is 360 km/h (224 mph). They are a further development of Bombardier's "Zefiro" family of trains. The train sets will be four voltage system capable. Interestingly enough as Bombardier's rival Siemens Mobility is moving towards distributed power in their high speed train sets, Bombardier stuck with the "one power car at each end of the train" concept. Bombardier also claims that the new sets will use the least amount of energy per passenger mile of any train in existence. One of the sets will be on display at InnoTrans in Berlin in late September. 

This seems to be FS' somewhat belated response to the high speed service inaugurated a few months ago by NTV, a private rail company.  

Bombardier "Zefiro 1000" VHS Train for FS, the Italian State Railroad (Photo by Bombardier)