Service not included!!!

This blog entry has nothing to do with trains. But I must vent! Currently I am in Australia visiting some friends. Given the immense size of this country, flying is about the only viable means of getting from city to city. So it was today that I found myself an a Qantas Airline flight from Perth to Adelaide. In economy no less! This is a 2 hour and 30 minute flight.
Image my great surprise when I was asked by a flight attendant wether I wanted pork stir fry or Tortellini. Free! No charge! Nada money! Then she really blew me away by offering wine or cocktails. I must have looked at the flight attendant with an absolutely idiotic expression. "It's free, love!" was her comment.
The food was actually quite good. And then they came through with ice cream!
Why are we in the USA putting up with the horrible attitude by the airlines towards paying passengers? Why is it that we tolerate this crap that passes for service? On planes that are 30 years old?
OK, the rant is over. It is time to board my plane to Broken Hill. I wonder what awaits me on this Saab 400 propeller plane!

Location:Adelaide, Australia