San Diego revamps it's trolley system

Tomorrow MTS in San Diego will open an extension of the light rail Green Line to Santee in the northern suburbs. Also, due to a major station refurbishment, it will now be possible to do a "one seat ride" to downtown at 12th and Imperial on the Green and Blue Lines. The cost to the whole system rehabilitation, to be finished in 2014, is about $720 million. San Diego of course was the place were the modern "trolley" revolution started in the US, "way back" in 1981. Part of the project is an order for 56 new Siemens Light Rail Vehicles. These are a variant of the Siemens "Avanto" family of vehicles. Called US-S70 in the United States, they are low-floor throughout with three sections. Total passenger load is around 220 persons. 

 Siemens S-70 San Diego "Trolley"

A few fun facts regarding the San Diego S-70s:

Design Speed:                            71 mph

Motor Power Rating:                   174 hp per motor (four motors per unit)

Voltage:                                      600 Volts

Maximum Gradient:                    6%

Acceleration:                               3 mphps

Length including couplers:          90.7 feet

Width:                                         8.7 feet

Height:                                       12.7 feet

Vehicle weight, empty:               95700 pounds

Track Gauge:                             4.7 feet (Standard Gauge)