Made in Germany no more!

InnoTrans in Berlin has opened it's doors. Many railroad companies order their new locomotives, rolling stock and other assorted railway technology products during this huge exhibition. 

So, of course, did Deutsche Bahn (DB AG). What makes this news item interesting however, is the fact that Deutsche Bahn is so fed up with the appalling quality of trains and rolling stock produced by German manufacturers, that they have gone to PESA in Poland. The railroad company has not been shy about publicising it's displeasure with German rail technology manufacturers. DB AG stated that the new InterCity Express units ordered from Siemens Mobility in Germany are already over a year behind schedule and that the "demonstrators" are unacceptably prone to problems. DB AG also has been having serious problems with the Bombardier Germany produced Class 440/442 EMUs. Also in an earlier blog entry I related the difficulties DB AG has with air conditioning units in the ICE trains and with the non functioning refrigerators in the dining cars. 


The PESA contract provides for the delivery of up to 470 diesel multiple units for the DB AG rail system. 

If your German is up to snuff try this article: Deutsche Bahn kauft Züge aus Poland.





Trouble prone DB AG Class 442 EMU (Wikepedia Commons Photo)

PESA Poland manufactured DMU (Photo by PESA)

PESA Poland manufactured DMU (Photo by PESA)