The Great Adventure starts now at Saint Pancras International!

Yesterday the Great Adventure began. My friend Michael from London and myself embarked on a one week trip to Bavaria. This event is put on by the Railway Touring Company in the UK. It is an entire week of riding and chasing steam powered trains, with the odd visit to a regional railroad museum thrown in. It is indeed an ambitous schedule they have put on.

It began with a rather long train ride from London's Saint Pancras to Augsburg, via Paris.  

The famous clock at Saint Pancras International 

The mezzanine of Saint Pancras International

We started out at Saint Pancras International by Eurostar to Paris Nord. Saint Pancras has just recently seen a total renovation. Even I must admit that Network Rail did a fabulous job of it. 

We boarded our Eurostar and on the dot, at 09:35 left the station.

A Eurostar Train Set

Somehow we lost thirty minutes on the way. Not really a good thing being thirty minutes late when the whole trip only takes 2 hours and thirty minutes. No matter though. We were not in any rush and in due course did arrive at Paris Nord to catch our onward connection.

Stay tuned, because the adventure continues.