Trains, planes and BBQ! BBQ?

My apologies to John Hughes, the director of the 1987 comedy "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". Somehow I just could not resist the pun after running into this:

Brad and myself had been out at Great Falls watching the Potomac River thunder through the Mather Gorge. Usually it is but a quiet river, however since it had been raining upstream for the better part of the week the Potomac had turned into a raging torrent of water. 

On the way back home we made the aquaintance of this unusual machine in the parking lot of Behnke's Nursery on River Road. Turns out that a railroad enthusiast, who also happened to be into BBQ in a big way, decided to build himself a BBQ grill in the shape of a locomotive. 

The lights work, the horn really lets loose a blast and the bell sounds quite convincing. This he would haul around to different events to sell his pulled pork, grilled chicken and barbequed ribs. Eventually the contraption was sold to a food truck, whose owners still use it on rare occasions, but mostly use it as advertisement.


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Food trucks are of course the current rage here in the US. Some of the best meals can be had from these mobile kitchens. Farragut Square in downtown DC is like a culinary nirvana: food trucks are ringing the square and one can get anything from Maine lobster rolls to Ethiopian wat dishes. 

Brad and myself of course had to try the "railroad themed" pulled pork. It was delightful. Not particularly inexpensive, but well worth it. Give it a try. For current locations of the food truck and to peruse the menu go to: