Time for a stiff drink...

I thought I share this photo with my readers. This was sent to me a couple of days ago by a friend of mine from the United Kingdom. As I am, he is quite the "anorak", coming from a family with a long history of railroad employment.

Apparently he was cleaning out some part of his abode and came upon this photograph:

From what I understand, his dad was driving the shunting engine, which sideswiped a locomotive hauling limestone to a steel works. It transpired that the person responsible did not set the turn outs correctly! 

But here is my friends short email explanation, verbatim and unedited:


"Hi Ralf

No problem using pic.

class of loco on it's side; ex-LMS 8F (class 8 freight) 2-8-0. Crew were standing on the tender which remained upright=no injuries. Took two breakdown cranes to rerail loco.

1952 to 55 (possible year of incident: author)

Train would have hauled coal into steelworks

My dad was driving the switcher (shunter in real English) he was traffic foremen at the time but still enjoyed driving his loco's. The wagons which knocked the loco over were loaded with limestone, another ingredient in steelmaking. Shunter waved him back but had not set the points - Boom, red faces all around. Old Man worried in case he lost his job.

Class 52 almost finished but I am worried about gaurd/brakeman, was his little cabin on the tender heated ?."


For those among my readers who care about these things, this is what a British Railways Class 8F looks like in a more dignified pose: