More bang for your buck (or Euro)

The BBC reported yesterday that some ne'er-do-wells in Germany have found another way to get a bit of pocket change to spent, presumably on either booze or drugs: blow up Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) ticket machines! 

The railway had to warn it's customers in the state of Hessen to be careful using automatic ticket machines. It appears that in the more remote stations, which generally have these ticket machines, a group of idiots is taping all the openings shut, pouring in gasoline and than trying to ignite the whole mess to blow the machine open. Apparently this does not really work all that well, however it still forced Deutsche Bahn to warn customers not to use a ticket machine which emits a whiff of gasoline. 

Great! Maybe it's time to by the ticket from the conductor again or at the ticket counter. 

Typical Deutsche Bahn AG Ticket Machine (Photo from the website)