This comes from today's "unsuckDCMetro" blog. I know Metro is short of cash, what transit system is not, but this takes the cake. Maybe they ought to consider cutting the General Manager's outrages $300,000.00 plus salary first. The DC Metro is certainly not improving under his guidance. On top of that I think the poor Spam brand is getting an undeservedly bad rap!

Speaking of Spam: maybe DC Metro can take a crack at this idea: talking train windows! Most subway commuters have developed individually very interesting styles to grab another few minutes of sleep whilst on the train carriage. Most of those "styles" involve using the coach window to prop up ones head. Like so:


Or mabe so:


Looks like this guy has the best of it all:


Now comes a German company attempting to steal the last vestige of a bit of peace and nap time away from tired commuters.

The Audiva company has devised a "talking window" to murmur advertising into your unsuspecting head for the German pay television broadcaster SkyDeutschland. It uses "bone conducting technology", not unlike the system used in Google glass, NASA space suits and more commonly in hearing aids. 

A small transmitter box is affixed to the window, which streams high frequency vibrations onto the window glass which will include any messages the company wants to send.

Apparently Sky has totally miscalculated the level of annoyance and upset generated with the unsuspecting and suddenly unwillingly awakend commuters.

This is all very interesting and disconcerting. I am not against new technology per se, but the DC Metro has some much more serious problems to solve before they would embark on a stunt like this. For starters: our system must be the only one in the whole wide world were the station announcements are totally unintelligable, since they are done by the train drivers and not a clear, well articulated electronic system. Here is a thought: maybe Metro can turn up the volume on those windows and have them do the station announcements and include some tasty Spam recipes! Now that would be progress at last.

Here is the promotional video from Audiva.