A Bite of the Apple

This post has nothing to do per se with trains, railroads or the like!

But without "IT" I would not be able to do a lot of everyday tasks, including publishing this blog. I communicate through "IT", I read on "IT", I pay my bills with the help of "IT". I even control my automobiles with "IT". And here is actually my personal connection to trains: I can run and operate my HO railroad layout with "IT". 

All this can be done quite conveniently, without much fuss and intuitively. 

My dear readers most assuredly have by now deduced that I am speaking about the personal computer. However what makes today so different and special? 

30 years ago Apple introduced the first really useful personal computer.

Wikimedia Commons Photo

One of the more revolutionary aspects was the input device: the mouse!

Wikimedia Commons Photo

Apple's PC's have gone through quite a few iterations. Remember this one? 

The original iMac (Photo by Stephen Hackett)

This is the machine that basically saved Apple. Until then the company had made some disastrous business decisions. 

In 2014 Apple seems to be at the top of it's game. The current model of the iMac still enjoys brisk sales. 

A 2013 27 inch Apple iMac (Photo by Ralf Meier)

I was introduced to the Apple "Ecosystem" by my friend Michael of www.macfilos.com a few years ago. Until then I was forced to stick with the Microsoft windows operating system. Well, operating system seemed to be a bit of a misnomer for me. After one too many disastrous experiences with a Windows machine, Michael did convince me to try an Apple product. Of course the usual objections, real and imagined, were put forth by me: I am too old to switch, it's too difficult to switch, it's too expensive to switch over, my programs won't run, it's, it's, it's...

Needless to say, I swallowed the whole Apple thing hook, line and sinker! The ease of setting up my first Apple computer, plugging in a printer, turning the whole chebang on and getting on line immediately was an eye opener. 

No frantic calls to tech support necessary. 

Apple has it's issues to be sure, but for ease of use it can not be beat. Things just work!

Well, Happy Birthday Apple!

From the Apple Web Site