US$ 16000...a mere Corinthian bagatelle

Being the railroad "anorak' who I am, I have spent a good amount of money over the years to ride behind a vintage steam locomotive in an equally vintage passenger coach. Generally these excursions tend to be day trips. Depending on the type of ticket one buys, all the appropiate meals will be included. A few months ago I did one of these tours in the UK, starting out at London's Paddington Rail Station. The coaches were restored 1950's British Railways rolling stock and a friend and myself had gotten ourselves tickets for the dining car service. 

British Railways Dining Car

Table Setting

None of these trips are inexpensive. But how about $16000? That is the minimum amount Golden Eagle Rail Tours is charging per person for one of their new rail tour itineraries. Yesterday, for the very first time, a train left from Budapest for a two week "rail cruise", ending in Teheran. Seventy passengers paid between $16000 and $25000 for the 4500 mile journey. Astonishingly, according to the tour operator the train sold out within ten days.  Just a bit too rich for my blood.

Click here for a more detailed description of the train and tour from the Sydney Morning Herald.

One of the Golden Eagle Rail Tours steam engine. (Photo: Golden Eagle Luxury Rail Tours)