It's not our fault...

A few years ago the British rail system had a major melt down during the winter season. According to the train operating companies it was the "wrong snow" (seriously!) that came down and they just could not cope with that. Of course this made for wonderful and hilarious news coverage at the time. 

Not quite a year later German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) made an equally inane statement: the "wrong leaves" had come off the trees, making the track slippery and the trains could not deal with that!

Now comes this gem from France. Somebody ordered $20 billion worth of new trains only to discover that they are too wide for the station platforms. Ooops!

I am just wondering. If they are too wide for the platforms, are these hefty trains able to pass each other?

Here is the write up from the Independent UK:

A French TGV set on the left and a German ICE3 on the right at Gare du Nord, Paris (Photo by Ralf Meier)

And here is one of the fat new trains:

One of the new SNCF regional trains which are too wide (Photo by AFP)