Oh wow...the USA finally hit the 21st century in ticketing technology!

I wonder if they also finally got rid of their steam locomotives? Maybe MTA also figured out how to put electric lighting into their carriages! The following little gem fluttered into my mail box this morning. It really makes me sad to have to read this. Why is this country always way behind in this kind of technology? Why are we always trying to reinvent the wheel? Why can I pay for my bus fare on the E3 in London with my Citibank (London) issued VISA card, but here in the US I am being told that it is technically not possible to do that? 

Among other companies Deutsche Bahn has had mobile ticketing for all their passenger trains for years. Already ten years ago Deutsche Bahn gave their passengers the ability to print their own tickets at home. Shortly thereafter with the proliferation of smart phones came the mobile ticketing application: "Handy Ticket". 

Then in 2008 Deutsche Bahn came up with the "Touch and Travel" idea. This technology is NFC based, which presupposes that mobile phones are equipt with said technology. Sadly, even in 2014, not all mobile phones have this technology, with Apple being the major hold out. 

Even the ridiculously fragmented British passenger rail system has mobile ticketing. If the UK can do it with over 15 train companies operating on the national network and hundreds of local systems, why can't we? 

Well, in any case. Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal that got me going on this rant: