Leonard Nimoy, 1931 - 2015

Food, trains and Science Fiction are my three big passions. Perhaps not necessarily in that order. But I have always liked "Star Trek". As hokey and unrealistic it may have been, I did enjoy watching it. Perhaps there is a weird psychological undercurrent in my persona responsible for that fascination with this cult series, or maybe, it was just the boundless optimism projected by the original series that sucked me in.

For me Mr. Spock was always the most interesting and fascinating character in the original "Star Trek". The science officer from the planet Vulcan on the Starship Enterprise, pointy ears and all, was almost always logical to the point of absurdity. And a wonderful counterpoint to the irrational brashness of the Enterprise's captain: James T. Kirk!

Leonard Nimoy was Mr. Spock. As with a lot of the Star Trek actors, he did not want to be typecast, but embraced it eventually, and some time later even directed some of the full length Star Trek movies to mixed acclaim. 

Regrettably Leonard Nimoy died today.