Climb up every mountain - the Schafberg Bahn

Rack railways are fascinating creatures. Clawing up a mountain side at impossible gradients, they are quite something to behold. I have been to the Mount Washington Cog Railroad in New Hampshire and also been to Switzerland with some friends, to see some of the railroads there. Switzerland is sort of the "mother lode" of rack (cog) railways. It seems that every little village and valley has one. Michael (, one of the travel companions from that trip to Switzerland a few years ago, sent me a link to one of his buddy's (JohnS) blog who had just visited the Schafberg Bahn in Austria. He was quite excited about it. 

Take a look at his blog:

"Climb every mountain-the Schafberg Bahn"


Here is one of my videos of the aforementioned trip to Switzerland with Michael: