Amtrak took delivery of another electric locomotive from Siemens. The ACS-64 (number 642) arrived in Washington DC via the "Capital Limited" on the 18th of May.

Amtrak Nr. 642 in a salute to the military livery, being hauled to Washington DC on the "Capital Limited" (Photo from Trains Magazine)

Amtrak ordered 70 of these electric locomotives for the Northeast Corridor and the Keystone Service. They are to replace the aging AEM-7 electric locomotives and the unreliable HHP-8 electric units.

Amtrak ACS-64 Nr. 607 (Photo by Ryan Stavely)

One of the members of the soon the be gone class AEM-7 electrics:


Amtrak AEM-7 (Photo by 4railnet)

A photo of the Rc6 electric locomotives from ASEA in Sweden on which the Amtrak AEM-7 was based:

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons)


And here is a photo of the HHP-8 class. Apparently Amtrak can not get rid of these fast enough as they are very unreliable:

Amtrak HHP-8 (Photo by 4railnet)

The European "base" of the HHP-8, electric class 36000 built by Alstom in France:

Photo by Ilkka Siissalo