Norge på sitt beste


"Norway - Norway", Travel Poster by Trygve M. Davidson, 1925I leave the viewer to come up with their own thoughts about this travel poster. Brad and myself found it intriguing and purchased it at the Norsk Jernbanemuseum (Norwegian Railway Museum) in Hamar. The museum is about one and a quarter hours north of Oslo Sentral on the Oslo to Lillehammer/Trondheim R10 rail line and claims to be the oldest, still operating railway museum. Trains run every hour. From the Hamar station it is short bus ride to the museum. 

Brad and I however were in a place called Gjøvik (look at the end of the R30 green line). By train we would have had to go down to Oslo and then up to Hamar: a roughly four hour trip. The reason becomes clear when one looks at this map:

Gjøvik and Hamar are seperated by the largest lake in Norway, Lake Mjøsa. The only resonably fast way is by bus, going north, across the E6 bridge and then down to Hamar on the other side of the lake.

Even though the buses are relatively frequent, visiting the museum is a whole day affair.

The museum itself has rather few pieces of railroad equipment on display. It is their huge library on the second floor having to do with anything railroad, which seems to be the main attraction. There is a small, working narrow gauge train on the grounds, shuttling back and forth between various museum buildings.

"Urskog" Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive

This little C coupler has been running around Norway since 1895, having been built in Germany by the "Saechsische Maschinenfabrik" in Chemnitz. In it's time a very famous railway locomotive builder.  


Very conveniently this little train eventually ends up at a restaurant, which in fact is a retired restaurant car from the Oslo to Bergen railway line. The car's body is fashioned from teak wood and has been attractively restored. I can personally attest that their cakes are quite wonderful!

As with many railroad museums it is somewhat difficult to photograph the displayed items, since they are almost always too close together to get a good perspective. Besides I am not the world's best photographer. In any case, here are a few photos of the rail collection at Hamar:

A Beyer, Peacock, Manchester, England Steam Locomotive from 1870: "Alf", Narrow Gauge Steam locomotive

A Class 62 EMU from 1931

NSB XIII class 4-4-0 no. 7 Thunes 1901

NSB 49c class 2-8-4 no. 470, built by Krupp, Germany, 1940

A disused rail station building which was moved to the Hamar Railway Museum

Quite a few of the museum pieces are not on exhibit, or are rotated in and out for public view. During the short summer season the museum does run quite a few special trains with their restored locomotives.

A short video (in Norwegian) produced by the railway museum:


Here is a lot more detailed info on Norwegian rolling stock: 

Link to the Norwegian Railway Museum here.

NSB (Norwegian State Railroad) Timetable here.

Norwegian Tourism Board link


All photographs by Brad Wing (Sony RX-100) and Ralf Meier (Sony RX-10)