New trains for Amtrak's North East Corridor

Amtrak announced today that they have choosen Alstom to manufacture the next generation of train sets for the North East Corridor. These new sets are to replace the current Acela Express train sets.

The contract is reportedly worth around $2.5 billion. 

One just hopes that Amtrak will have more luck with the new Alstom trains than they had with the Bombardier built Acela train sets. The Acela trains were beset with problems, just like the HHP-8 locomotives which were also built by Bombardier at the same time.

So now we will have shiny new trains rattling down atrocious track worthy of a third world country with catenary that is about a hundred years old. How wonderful! 

From the Railway Gazette:

The shape of things to come? This is an Alstom high speed train set built for a private rail company in Italy. Should look interesting in Amtrak colors! This photo was taken by me at the InnoTrans Exhibit in Berlin, Germany in 2012.