Going to the races...

I have a few friends who live in Australia. They are quite aware of my passion for all things railroad. Every now and again they will forward me links to interesting stories about trains. So it was again a few days ago when Tony sent me a link. Tony lives in the small town of Mudgee, New South Wales, roughly 165 miles northwest of Sydney.

According to him, the town of Maitland is "Only a few hours’ drive from Mudgee!" In any case, Maitland is on a major rail line and every year for the last 30 years there has been a "Steamfest".

This year's event featured a race of four steam locomotives from Newcastle to Maitland, a distance of about 25 miles or so. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about Australian railways, but I do enjoy the videos of the event. Here is one that Tony sent me:

This video was done by "Drone Hunter", obviously with a video drone. Makes me want to get one of those things. 

Here is a link to more videos on Youtube about the Steamfest 2016.